Parinaz Taheri

Pari, an accomplished dental nurse with an illustrious 8-year tenure in the field of dentistry, possesses a wealth of expertise that extends across various specialised areas. Her qualifications include proficiency in Dental radiography, sedation, orthodontic nursing, along with valuable experience in Implant and Oral surgery.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to professional development, Pari is currently on a gap year from university, dedicating her time to pursuing advanced studies in dental hygiene and therapy. This endeavour reflects her dedication to continually enhancing her skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of dentistry.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Pari finds joy in cultivating a well-rounded life. Whether spending quality time with her furry companion, indulging in delightful culinary experiences, or immersing herself in the beauty of nature, she brings a balanced and enriching perspective to Miswak Dental.

Pari looks forward to delivering exceptional service and fostering a positive patient experience.

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