Dr Harman Kler

Dr. Harman, our Principal Dentist and Founder, is a trailblazing professional who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of dental care. She earned her qualifications from the prestigious University of Bristol, UK, and has already established a trusted clinic in London before founding Miswak Dental. Dr. Harman has garnered international experience through her work in private clinics in the Middle East.

Observing the emphasis on hospitality and patient comfort during her tenure in Doha, Dr. Harman recognized an opportunity to redefine the dental experience. Motivated by this insight and a commitment to elevate patient care, Dr. Harman founded Miswak Dental and Facial Aesthetics. This patient-centered practice is dedicated to providing a unique blend of approachability, luxurious hospitality, and cutting-edge dental technologies. Driven by a vision to make dental visits a positive and comfortable experience, Dr. Harman leads our team in delivering unparalleled dental experience.

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